Clean Sweep?


Spent quite a bit of my week at a meeting of our bishops at Scottish Churches House – the ecumenical study centre which sits in the shadow of the beautiful Dunblane Cathedral.  One of the sides of the Memorial for the 1996 tragedy reads, ‘”If there is anything that will endure the eye of God, because it is pure, it is the spirit of a little child.” – from The Children’s Prayer by R H Stoddard (1825-1903).  A long meeting provides much opportunity to ponder these things.

Clean sweep refers to a slight problem with the wipers on the Passat – now 183000 miles.  They have acquired a life of their own and stop and start at will.  Google tells me that I may need a new motor if the ‘stop’ switch can’t be replaced on its own.  For now, the only way of stopping the front wipers is to operate the rear one.


  1. If the front wipers pack up completely, but the back ones still work, you can put off buying a new motor for the front ones by driving everywhere in reverse.

    1. No it’s more interesting than that. The front ones will only stop working when the back wiper is activated. There’s a sermon somewhere ..

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