I suppose I’m a child of the mobile times I live in. I don’t really have anywhere that I call home. Home is where I live.

So it was interesting yesterday – Back to Church Sunday, of course – to go back to the very first church to which I was taken as a young child. It’s Rossorry Parish Church just outside Enniskillen. Arthur, one of my former curates, is now the Rector. So we headed west through Northern Ireland … past the sign that says ‘CH … CH What’s missing? UR’ and past the appropriately named Lungs Gospel Hall.  It was the kind of congregation which I don’t see too often – diverse .. suits .. lots of people younger than we are.  And I met all sorts of people – people from my Primary School class and Nurse from school.

I went up to Portora Royal School before returning.  They have a nice blue plaque nowadays to mark the fact that Oscar Wilde was a former pupil.  I thought there was a sort of irony about that.