Awash with Blessing

I spent today in the Kingdom of Fife. A beautiful day and a paradise for cyclists – criss-crossed with marked cycle routes. I visited our church in Cupar in the morning. It seemed like ages since I had been there – but they seem to be getting on just fine without me. In the afternoon, I went to our church in Ladybank – where the railway line from Perth meets the line from Dundee.  I love going there because it reminds me of St Patrick’s Hall in Killicomaine – the only place I’ve ever been where it was possible to take a break for a chat in the middle of the liturgy.  When I first went to Ladybank, the neighbours would hand a bucket of water over the fence so that they could make tea. Today marked the end of a massive building project which gives them a kitchen and a toilet. It’s clean, neat and efficient – the water heater is movement-activated. But the previous arrangements had charm and an outreach dimension which has been lost.

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  1. Previous arrangements might have had their charm, but inconvenience of no conveniences, can be difficult.

    I attend a rural church with none, and to far from services to be feasible. I have been offered the bushes as the location of conveniences, not a good idea in the long run.

    It is also up a steep slope, with steps involved, so difficult for those with disabilities, who want to attend, so outreach equals put off in this case.

    Despite it all, it has a lively attendance of all ages and today we had a wonderful service, celebrating the 100th Years since the founding of the Guiding Movement. Audience participation REQUIRED.

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