In the midst

I rather like the ‘straightforward handover’ style of transfer that we did on Saturday.  No big ‘do’ or anything like that.  Just pick up the diary and go .

So today was a meeting of Faith Group leaders with the First Minister and members of the Scottish Government.  You need to have a taste for that kind of meeting – but they were very generous with their time and genuine in their interest.  Tomorrow we have a meeting of our bishops with the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church.

Meanwhile I’m drowning in kind e mails, cards and Facebook messages.  I’ll get through them in time.  People have been asking how Poppy [the cat] views her new status.  I explained to her the elegant polity of the SEC which gives us a Primus and not an Archbishop.  She does elegant – so she grasped that.  She does Prima – maybe even Regina.  But she doesn’t get the ‘inter pares’ stuff.


  1. Many congratulations! How splendid that one of your flock understands the need to get hold of a red carpet!! I had cause recently to establish that “The Most Reverend” in Italian is Il Reverendissimo. Quite a ring to it, that. Very best wishes 🙂

  2. Feeling a little proud that ‘our’ bishop has been elected Primus. Congratulations David. Bit worried though that we will need to purchase red carpet for your next visit!

  3. Let me get one in here, David. Many congratulations. Good luck, also sorting out the configurations of beds at primate’s meetings – perhaps a proper configuration will, in itself, sort out all the problems of the Anglican Communion at one fell swoop…

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