The Anglican Communion’s first blogging primate doesn’t have much to say for himself today.  Thank-you to everyone for their kind messages and their prayers.  One has in these moments that rather delicious feeling of not being altogether in control of life.

So for now .. if you’ve arrived here, you’re probably already found some of the other stuff.  But just in case, the Scottish Episcopal Church’s website has pictures, a press release, the statement which I made to General Synod this morning and a podcast in which a Canadian and an Irishman talk about the mission and ministry of the SEC.


  1. hello just thought i would leve a little coment so you no i have visited 🙂

  2. David, Maurice and I are so thrilled for you. Many congratulations. It is so well deserved. Glad to see your fellow Scottish bishops have recognized your worth so quickly, unlike others! Don’t know I am allowed say that on a public blog but you can delete it all.

    I was very moved by your morning address on radio4, it was on stress and was broadcast very near to my op date. I found it very moving and very helpful.

    Much love to you and Alison.


  3. Bishop David, congratulations on your election as Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Those of us in the US will always be grateful to the SEC for giving us our first bishop in the Episcopal Church, Samuel Seabury.

    I offer my prayers for you in your new position.

    June Butler

  4. Congratulations – do hope the blog doesn’t suffer from your increased workload!

  5. There is a good deal of disconcertment amongst the Elect that there is no Big Hat Day with tray bakes and speeches – might there not be some sort of liturgical celebration with large teapots afterwards?

  6. Dear Bishop,

    Congrataulations and prayers on your new position in the Church. I’m a (retired, and happily so) priest in the American Church and spent a wonderful week in your Church as Chaplain to Bishop’s House on Iona. I hope to go back next year. Having met two of your predecessors, Bishops Ian (sorry: forget his name – circa 1980) and Dick Holloway, you have a goodly heritage! We in TEC appreciate and love the SEC’s support of us in these tenuous times in our Communion. Thank you!
    And God bless!
    Phillip Ayers, Portland, OR, USA

  7. Congratulations, and may God bless the Scottish Episcopal Church through you!

    From an ordinand (soon to be deaconed) down in the Church of England

  8. Many congratulations! From one ex-Ulster-man to another, I think that Scotland is very lucky to have you here! Looking forward to meeting you at St Mary’s Cathedral sometime.
    ….and don’t give up the blogging….you’re the first one I look at on each viewing.

  9. Congratulations – have followed your blog for some time. Look forward to more.

  10. David,

    Just back from Seagoe. Another thought provocing sermon from Iris and the usual quiet , reflective evening service carrying on your traditions.
    I heard about your election to Primus and I’m so pleased. The Episcopal church are in safe hands and I know that with Gods strength you will meet the challenges ahead. You are in our prayers.


    You look (and read) like a fairminded, inclusive sort of fellow who WELCOMES everyone to The Body of Christ! We take after you at TEC!

    Continued blessings to you and yours,

    Leonardo Ricardo
    Central America

  12. God Bless you in your latest calling, you were a tremendous influence on my life and I wish you well. We in Seagoe knew that you were destined for great things, we are proud to have walked a little piece of the way with you.

  13. All are very pleased for you (and for the church) here in Dunblane.

    Now, about Poppy…
    Does she remain episcopuss, or is there an elevation?

  14. Just passing on my congratualtions on your election as Primus of the Episcopal Church of Scotland..i wish you God’s richest blessing in your new role. Things are growing well in Seagoe as you are aware and this morning we had the Sod-cutting ceremony with the scenery changing rapidly around the church.

  15. Nice one! Congratulations. How did that happen? I thought you were still Dean of somewhere or other in the 4th green field. And I thought a primus was one of those camping stoves that were impossible to light.

  16. Didn’t get a chance to congratulate you yesterday so consider it done. Prayers ascending and keep up the blogging!

  17. Congratulations on your election you are and will continue to be in Ann and I’s prayers

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