It seems a little inappropriate to say that a Eucharist was a tour de force. But if you wanted to get a feel of what the Scottish Episcopal Church is about, the opening service of our General Synod would be one place to look.  Last year’s service was a revelation, particularly in its use of music from around the world.  This was closer to home.  But there was  lots of music .. immediately singable by everybody .. space and grace … It was, as my colleague Grace used to say, ‘brisk with spaces.’ Congratulations to the Liturgy Committee and to Stuart Muir. I take a fairly simple view of these things. I think there is no hymn which is not improved by increasing its speed by 50%

For the rest, we were a quiescent lot. No questions on Minutes, Accounts, Budget or anything else for that matter. Tomorrow we are having a go at ‘The Mission of the SEC’ Surely everybody must have something to say about that!


  1. Congratulations on your elevation!

    Best wishes from all at St.Finnians


  2. In the new dispensation, you will be praying for quiescence!


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