Time for a break

Enough of all this – time for a couple of days at Blogstead na Mara – in Donegal. Just time to prepare some material for an ordination retreat at the weekend – and a sermon. I had some stuff on ‘Five things I wish they had told me’ – but I can’t find it and can’t remember what the five were.

Poppy is recovering from long-haul travel and has retreated under a duvet on an upper bunk. She says it gives her a combination of height and warmth – both very important for cats. It’s like Fr Oliver Crilly’s wonderful description of cycling as offering a combination of solitariness and locomotion.

In case you were wondering about the state of the Irish economy, the Blogstead economic index is an authoritative measurement based solely on the asking price for the three new houses across the valley. Two years ago they were 615000 euro. Today they remain unsold at 275000 euro.

The din has faded a bit. But I thought I might share with you my favourite exchange from that crucible where church and media simmer together.

Journalist: I want to ask you about the Pope’s Encyclical

Primus: I haven’t read it

Journalist: He hasn’t published it yet

I am still waiting to use those two all-purpose/backed into a corner responses which I was taught in the US. Whatever the question, you say ‘Let me tell you what I am really passionate about’ or ‘Let me tell you a story …’


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy Donegal – ideal weather for it. You’ll be ‘retreating’ Judi McGaffin, that should be exciting. Every blessing to them all – and you.

  2. David
    I’ll send you a copy of the encyclical when it comes out!

  3. so, when cornered by the media one uses the same trick as when cornered by the lectionary? useful to know.

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