I called in today on the Islamic Centre in Stirling on a visit arranged by Rev Dom Ind. We met Iman Arif Hansrot and some of the members – we were warmly welcomed and were glad we went. It’s fascinating how an experience like this can be both foreign and familiar – religious communities always have a great deal in common. I carried away the remark of one of the members of how egalitarian the community at prayer was – people kneeling shoulder to shoulder. And I watched a child among them, simply absorbing and doing as the adults did.

Meanwhile, on a rather unrelated tack, I continue to wrestle with the inter-relationships of Blackberry, Palm and laptop.  The Palm has unilaterally declared itself a resident of Perthshire.  When asked to put in ‘Rev’ in the title field – something which it does regularly – it has taken to auto-completing with ‘Rear-Admiral’


  1. Dear Rear-Admiral, Maybe you should have made the catholic/orthodox choice and gone for a iPod touch which uses (Icons) instead the basis of ‘DOS’ which is very Calvinistic (and as it appears Naval)

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