Not much of a one for the New Year Resolutions – the daily battle does me without adding the burden that a ‘great leap forward’ might be attainable.  So I was delighted to get hold of my favourite ‘Independent’ today after missing a couple.  It offers ‘A New You’ supplement – the easy way to make 2008 the best year of your life – The No Diet Diet.  Fortunately it has already reached No 4: Seeing the Results – so I can bask in outcomes without worrying too much about process.

It’s all very … awareness; responsibility; emotional intelligence; assertiveness; social intelligence.   Wouldn’t argue with much of it – indeed life in the church would be much easier if we could all handle ourselves as this suggests.  Except that for me it doesn’t add up to a model of being with and for others.  I particularly liked some of the bits of the Awareness section: ‘Listening for sounds that you’re not normally aware of – this could be anything from birdsong to the sound of the central heating firing up.’  Welcome to 2008


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