Home again, again

Enough of this.  I’m glad to be back at Blogstead – where a residue of the snow remains – after a quick visit to Lymington to conduct Siobhan and Pete’s wedding.  We set out for Prestwick in Friday morning’s heavy snow – with snow scoop, wellies, water, bikkies.  All we lacked was the liturgically coloured harness to connect to the helicopter.  None of it needed.  I was also carrying a small pharmaceutical store – none of it made the slightest difference.  I continued to splutter, cough, bark and grumble.  Great wedding tho’.  And good to see the C of E responding openly, warmly and competently to a young couple who wanted to get married in church.  Every bit as effective in its own way as many Alpha Courses.


  1. Don’t you know about Jim Figgerty and the fig rolls – and the great Irish pre-occupation with the question of how de figs get into de fig rolls?

  2. From across the pond:

    I know what “wellies” are, but what does “bikkies” mean in Scotland?

    I tried “define:bikkies” in Google, but only got the street slang meaning a.nd I don’t think that’s the meaning you meant, even though you do mention legal pharmaceuticals later. (Hope you are feeling better, by the way.)

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