Home at last – getting too old for 10 pm at Cairnryan and 1.30 am at Blogstead – after spending New Year partly in the back of my mother’s cupboards and partly in a little light socialising. Now fighting off a cold and – disaster of disasters – loss of voice. Great shape for conducting a wedding in Lymington on Saturday.

Meanwhile the random, diminutive, couch-surfing Mexican-with-the-enormous-suitcase, Luis, was introduced to the New Year delights of Portadown – particularly Knocknamuckley and Ballymacrandle – by Mark and his friends – including a major Karaoke Magic Mike session on a giant plasma screen. I must remember to get the religious music disk and borrow it for the Clergy Conference


  1. Seems to be the winter of the ailment(TM). Glen Turret with juice from half a lime is the best cure by far. šŸ˜‰

  2. David,

    I was pondering what a Church of Ireland karaoke disk might include – there would be The Breastplate, with an opportunity for a slight breakdown in the middle compensated for by a fortissimo finish; ‘O God of Bethel’, sung at 33 rpm; and the inimitable and unique ‘Urbs Foritudinis’.

  3. ‘O God our help in ages past
    Our hope for years to come’
    as sung by the Orange Order

    As to the small matter of 3rd party authorisation, there was some concern that you might be holding a bottle rather than – as closer inspection reveals – the mighty, Magic Mike itself.

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