Silvery Tay

We’ve had friends with us for the weekend – so one sees one’s surroundings through the eyes of the visitor.  We managed to find our way to the bank of the Tay and to walk a fair distance towards Perth and Stanley.  It is, of course, extraordinary.  The river is massive and flows at a very impressive pace.  And it is possible to be sufficiently ‘away from it all’ that one can hear no cars and see no other intrusions of modern life.  Poppy has been slinking her way into this blog more and more – but I do have to mention that she disappeared for most of Friday evening.  We suspect that she was luxuriating in the attentions of the Brownies in the Guide House across the road.  Meanwhile, in our search for her, we interviewed some Danes who said they had arrived to shoot deer.  They said they had a licence to do so – could this really be true?  We’ve hardly got used to having deer around the place and now there are people turning up to shoot them.  What next, I wonder?


  1. I just find it hard to work out where the ‘sport’ might be in such activity. I don’t suppose they are even difficult to hit.

  2. There are lots of websites which promote the “sport”. See as an example. Seems sad to see such beautiful creatures as deer are still being shot for amusement, they are such graceful animals.

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