I’ve spent the last 36 hours at a meeting of our bishops held in Scottish Churches House in Dunblane.  I emerge to a sort of snowstorm of E Mails and phone calls – I must be on rather more of a daily treadmill than I realised.  Scottish Churches House is an inter-church residential centre right beside the Cathedral – it is a wonderful, plain but sombre building.  I never look at it without thinking of the dreadful scenes of grief and distress which it has seen.  I can almost hear the cries as I look at it.  I made the mistake of continuing to read Susan Howatch’s ‘Scandalous Risks’ around [but not actually during] our meeting.  The stories of high politics and dark forces gathering around the more rarified levels of church life seem far from the mundane [sic?] realities of a bishops’ meeting ……

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