And about time too

The reshuffle came at last – strange that it only came after punishment at the polls.  Some measure of accountability must be important – which reminds me that clergy and bishops are still a protected species in this regard.  No requirement to record everything in triplicate.  And no real measurement of performance or of failure.  Which is partly because it is still not altogether clear what we are expected to do.  That is a great privilege but it also provides hiding places which, in reality, we might be better off without.  I feel the need to be accountable but am not at all sure how.


  1. John Prescott’s activities deserved a double hit. The politician/civil servant axis of that relationship surely makes it count as abusive.

  2. No,it was a spelling mistake. The second one should say, ‘And about time two’. 🙂

    Clergy are accountable to congregations who vote with their feet – and their offerings!

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