Back to ‘normal’

How long does it really take to move  house?  Answer: about a month either side of the date and probably even longer than that.  Put Easter into the mix and it’s hard to find any settled rhythm of work for ages and ages.  But slowly it is returning.  I still haven’t got my voice over internet phone working satisfactorily – and the mobile doesn’t work out here properly either although there is an O2 mast just across the fields.  Meanwhile I went to another amazing concert in the new Perth Concert Hall – Ashenazy conducting the Philharmonia in great sweeps of Russian music.  I sat there wondering what it is that makes music so characteristic of different nationalities – this was wonderful but really too romantic and spilling over the edges for me.  I have a tendency to like my music tidy and economical.  Would that my desk was the same.  Poppy, by the way, having been allowed a taste of freedom in the steppes of central Perthshire, is restless and noisy again.


  1. The bishop’s house here sort of got lost somewhere. The house which was bought shortly before I was appointed was not really satisfactory – hence the need for a second move.

  2. Having been a follower of your blog for several weeks now, I still haven’t worked out why you moved house. Was it really because Poppy didn’t like the other one? Glad to hear she has settle into her new home.

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