Half mast

The Compass Rose flies at half mast over Blogstead to mark the passing of Archie the Cocker Spaniel who lived at No 1.  Poppy didn’t number him among her closest friends but he will be greatly missed.  He can never be replaced but the gap must be filled.  John returned slightly chastened from an excursion into the mysterious world of dog breeders – one of whom said to him, ‘This is the only way in which you can buy love.’  Sermons again?

Meanwhile, I’ve entered the world of the Blackberry.  Yes you can have the World Wide Web in your pocket but you may need reading glasses to make sense of it.  It’s taken three days just to get it to ‘go live’ – but if I conquered Plone I can conquer this.

Plone-wrestling again

I’m back to Plone-wrestling again – trying to do the final stuff to get the diocesan website into the light of day. Deep philosophical issues arise. What is the difference between News and Events? Even more interesting, what is the difference between ‘Published’ and ‘Published Draft’? And does it matter? So much for Content Management Systems. I have looked in the Rule of St Benedict but find no help there.