Plone-wrestling again

I’m back to Plone-wrestling again – trying to do the final stuff to get the diocesan website into the light of day. Deep philosophical issues arise. What is the difference between News and Events? Even more interesting, what is the difference between ‘Published’ and ‘Published Draft’? And does it matter? So much for Content Management Systems. I have looked in the Rule of St Benedict but find no help there.


  1. Chris: pretty much.

    Events also have a location and can be exported in some calendar format for integration into iCal etc.

  2. … um … “news” is reporting on things that have happened, “events” are things that are yet to happen? past and future tense?

  3. Yup, it does – I can set it so that you need to be logged-in as someone to see `published draft’ stuff while anyone can see `published’. It also allows you to implement approval schemes for material created by others, if you want 🙂

    Then again – I couldn’t help with St Benedict 😉

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