Nick’s Recommissioning #pisky


Sometimes the right moment just arrives.  And this evening was the moment when Revd Nick Green, Rector of St Mary’s, Dunblane, received back his Commission as a Church Army Evangelist from Mark Russell, Chief Executive.  Historically, Church Army has expected Officers who were ordained to hand back their Commissions.  That policy caused deep hurt to many – and has now been put right.  It’s a work of healing and reconciliation.

It’s a commonplace among ordained clergy – whether bishops, priests or deacons – to say ‘We are all deacons’. Whatever ministry we may be called to carry out, we do so with the heart of a deacon who is called to serve.  I think this is the same.  Wherever Nick’s ministry may lead in the future, he will carry into it the heart of an evangelist.

This is what I said


  1. Bishop David, I am a former Church Army (now called Threshold Ministries) evangelist in Canada, ordained 25 years this year, and now serving on the board of Threshold as well as doing my parish ministry as a priest in Edmonton, Alberta. Your words were special for me, as they encapsulated how I see my ministry as an evangelistic priest – the bringing together of the pastoral and evangelistic roles. I feel very strongly that they do not have to be separated, and ever since my ordination I have tried to hold them together. So thank you for your encouraging words.

    I wonder if I might post your sermon on my own blog (properly referenced of course?). It’s such a wonderful affirmation of the sort of ministry I want to continue to engage in.

    1. Yes of course Tim. Glad you found it helpful. You’re welcome to it for your blog. Blessings in your ministry.

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