In the clouds

All Saints

Revd Alasdair Coles was instituted last night as Rector of All Saints, St Andrews. All Saints began as a mission to the fishing community in St Andrews and it inhabits a wonderful miniature campus at the heart of St Andrews and the University – the legacy of Mrs Younger.

It’s also known in our diocese – and far beyond – as a place of beautifully-conducted worship in the Catholic tradition. Generations of students have ‘discovered’ the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Catholic tradition in All Saints and carried the memory – and a living faith – away with them. In our diocese, we see it as a place of prayer and spirituality – a resource for all of us. Alasdair and the congregation will be ensuring that that tradition lives creatively in the world of today – and that they rediscover their roots as a mission community.

Meanwhile we were ‘in the clouds’ last night – beautifully-presented worship and some clouds of incense. The preacher was Revd Lucy Winkett. These are the moments when I feel ‘a long way from Seagoe’. But they are moments which I really enjoy!

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  1. Nice to see new beginnings at St Andrews. Is Alasdair the Revd Dr Alasdair Coles, late of Cambridge University I wonder? Lucy Winkett is a good preacher as well.

    Graham Vahey.

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