Home again #pisky

It’s good to be back. We always say that ‘if you were worried by bad weather you wouldn’t go on holiday to Donegal’. But I have to say that the first two weeks we were there were as bad as I have ever seen. The last week was much better – which was fortunate because it allowed more space for inter-generational sandcastle digging.

I’ve been working through the backlog – and it’s been a busy week as well with a major and very positive gathering for our clergy and the Institution of Revd David Cameron as Rector of St John’s, Forfar, this evening. I should be through all that just in time to spend next week in London with the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion.

One of the interesting things which arrived while I was away was this material:


I have to say that I don’t think that the SEC will be extinct in 2043 but it may look rather different from its present shape. I need to re-read the material and then I’ll have something to say about it

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  1. Yes, see you in Forfar this evening.
    Graham & Val Vahey
    St Ninian’s,
    Glasgow G41

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