In Central Fife

I spent this morning with the three congregations of the Central Fife Group – St Finnian’s Lochgelly, St Luke’s Glenrothes and St Margaret’s Leven.

These congregations are going through a time of uncertainty since the loss of their Rector, Revd Thomas Brauer, who has become our Diocesan Missioner. But we have been moving to the point where each congregation has a person in ministry – Revd Margaret Dineley in Lochgelly, Revd Gerry Dillon in Glenrothes and soon-to-be-licensed Lay Reader Ian Scott in Leven. Along with the support of retired and other clergy, that provides consistent ministry and stability.

At the moment we exploring the possibility of a mission partnership with the Church Army as a way of helping the congregations into a new level of engagement with the local community.

This is what I said to them today