Late, late adopter

It’s taken me a long time but I’ve at last got under way with Twitter. Signed up as @bloggingbishop ages ago but remained dormant in the nest, as it were. It’s an amazing world and I find that all my friends are there. Problem is that there are lots of other people there as well .. And WordPress, which I have never found particularly easy, has even woken up and offered me a simple and apparently effective way of feeding this blog into Facebook and Twitter. We’ll see how it goes.


  1. I recommend @GdnBelief. Good coverage of worldwide & broad range of belief news. I dip in and out of Twitter as I find it can eat up whole chunks of the day.
    Have a very happy Christmas, David & Alison.

    1. Thanks Laurene. I’m working on it. The value for somebody like me is that it gives me direct contact with a wide range of people within and without the churches ..

  2. Bishop David: very pleased your web presence has reached the Twitter community. I look forward to your posts. As my black Persian has joined joined me she asks if perhaps Poppy should have a presence as well!

    1. Peter. Your black Persian must be fully domesticated. Poppy, while she reads her pedigree daily is still in touch with the feral side of her nature. Her verdict on all things which tweet came in rather fewer than 140 characters – ‘Fair game’

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