Scottish Inter-Faith Week

It was appropriate that the launch if Scottish Inter-Faith Week happened on the same day as then.publication of the Scottish Government’s blueprint for Independence. We gathered in Kirkcaldy last night – a triumph of diversity – in the first of over sixty events taking place all over Scotland.

It was a good evening – well attended and members of the SEC were very visible. I was glad to meet the Provost of Fife who told me all about how much he was influenced by the experience of being a choirboy in our church at St Finnians in Lochgelly. I expect that the invitation to him to return there should arrive by the end of the week.

There was a tightly organised programme which, in the way which is charmingly characteristic of these events, began to slide. I’m careful about my evening commitments these days so I dematerialised somewhat before the end.

My experience is that there is a steady growth of confidence and real relationship taking place in inter-faith encounter. We are getting past the ‘nodding and smiling’ stage – important though that is – and beginning to build long term relationships for the future – and for whatever new Scotland may come.

I collected my copy of the Scottish Government’s document in Edinburgh today. It is a mighty tome. I hope I get it read before the Referendum

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  1. I sensed an overall willingness to make contact and was much taken by the thread of common spirituality in the displays. Sister Isobel’s contribution was excellent.

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