And there are gifts of administration …

We had a gathering here in Perth yesterday for the staffs of all of our Diocesan Offices across Scotland. Hardly worth mentioning, you might think. But actually it is both rare and important – and all organised by Sharon my PA.

Our Whole Church Mission and Ministry Policy – sounds like one of those Maoist slogans from the past – affirms the principle that missional leadership is primarily located in the dioceses. Therefore inter-diocesan relationships become as important as the relationship between the Province and the dioceses.

So this was about beginning to explore common approaches to common tasks – what I sometimes call in Piskie-speak ‘an acceptable level of coherence’. Maybe it would be in the interests of all of us to have more common forms, common processes…. At this point I always refer to the standard operating procedures which keep air travel safe – and we could do with some of that.

But of course the real discovery was that many of our diocesan office staff members are relatively recent appointments – some younger women who bring a wealth of experience from other working environments and some more senior people who are offering generous service to the church.

I am a believer in good administration. I try hard and we constantly try to improve, Administration is not Cinderella stuff. It gives stability. It makes sure that we know what we are talking about and what we have decided. It ensures that all voices are heard. It keeps us moving. That’s why St Paul lists it with the other gifts. Thank you