Festina Lente and all that

Normal service resumed this week after the summer. I’ve just had three days in Edinburgh – one for the Faith and Order Board and two for the Mission and Ministry Board. We inch forward – slowly digesting the Whole Church Mission and Ministry Policy. We are basically trying to work out what it means to recognise that the place of missional energy has moved to the dioceses. I remain cheerful – however difficult it gets, people continue to smile and come back for more. We shall get there in the end.

This evening, as if my day was not complete already, I’m off to listen to yet another group of the most commmitted Anglicans on the planet telling me why they don’t like the Anglican Covenant. Nor, I think would my late grandfather, Canon Bateman.

I came home today to find that an ongoing search for family photographs has brought up a letter to the Irish Times written by him. Maeve Binchey had written an article poking some fairly gentle fun at the wedding of Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips – 14 November, 1973, just in case you were wondering. He writes to defend her right to do that while wishing the couple every blessing and happiness

Lord thou hast been our refuge from one generation to another


  1. Bishop David the members of the Scottish Episcopal Church who don’t like the Anglican Covenant are people after my own heart. As I see it, the covenant will not solve any of the problems in the Anglican Communion but will rather lead to more intense disagreement and turmoil.

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