Canon 4 by 4

We’ve begun the process of electing a new Bishop of Edinburgh. It’s my fourth episcopal election but I’ll be living close to Canon 4 for the next while

This evening the Electoral Synod held its Preliminary Meeting in P’s & G’s. As is my wont on these occasions, I touched base with my thoughts on elections and episcopal ministry – so this is what I said

One comment

  1. Bishop David says that the matter of homosexuality is difficult for the churches to discuss. This is only because it rejects and denies the plain word of God, as expressed in scripture. As one well-versed in the treatment and theology of homosexuality I can advise that it is a vile activity that openly defies God and man, is totalitarian in spirit, and harmful to health and children. It hates God and true believers. Stick to scripture and the ‘difficulty’ about this wicked movement will be revealed in aundance to be mere propaganda.

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