Ploughing on

Yet more snow – Blogstead residents emerged this morning blinking in the white light. A mere couple of inches – barely worth thinking about.

Meanwhile we plough on. Work continues on the Whole Church Mission and Ministry Policy – which is an elegant way of recognising that the SEC, in common with most other churches, protects itself from change by making sure that it takes several keys to open the locks and that many people hold them! But we’re doing better than I expected – and I think that the fact that we are trying to define our mission is another signal that we are moving into the mainstream.

This week sees our Clergy Conference in Kinross. We’re looking forward to having Canon Professor Martyn Percy of Ripon College, Cuddesdon, with us. Apart from his ability to develop what is obviously a remarkable training institution – very different from the year I spent there just as Ripon Hall and Cuddesdon College merged in 1975 – Martyn manages to be ‘ahead of the curve’ in his much of his writing. I’m looking forward to it and we’re honoured to have him with us.

But Monday starts with a critical meeting about the future of Scottish Churches House .. and the diary is inexorably moving towards the Primates’ Meeting in Dublin at the end of the month.