Power Brushing

So much of ministry is about making connections ..

The Clergy Conference was great. I can say that we a clear conscience since I had very little to do with the organisation! Stuart Muir continued to offer us wonderful, bright and diverse music worship for the enlivening of. Emsley Nimmo invited us into SEC history – in the case of the SEC in particular, it seems particularly difficult to do the present if you don’t know something about the past. And Martyn Percy offered us all sorts of things as part of his ministry as described by one of his children – ‘going around the country and cheering people up.’

We were sharing the hotel with a group of curlers. Delightful people but a little unsettling. They seemed to take themselves rather more seriously than we did ourselves – I loved their brushes all impressively labelled ‘Power Brushes’

Meanwhile tomorrow is the day of the Passat’s MOT – 11 years and 205000 miles. It’s going well and stopping well so I’m hopeful. The heater isn’t great but that’s no concern of the MOT. It’s the hidden stuff, of course, that you need to worry about. Sermon in there, methinks.