What day is it?

This seems to have gone on for ever and I won’t be allowed to slip back into my workaholic tendencies until Wednesday.

I’ve had one or two ‘projects’ to keep me going – including collating a first draft of our attempt to write a Mission and Ministry Policy for the SEC. I woke up on New Year’s Day with absolute clarity about it. I felt like Beethoven having been handed his 5th Symphony. I rushed to write it down before it slipped away. Some stayed with me but inexorably it moved out of reach. Finished today and sent to other members of the group who will wonder where it came from.

I’ve been kept in touch with reality by the Channel 4 Father Ted evening – which contained all my favourite lines. We also enjoyed the DVD of Barchester Towers – took a look at Plumstead Episcopi and my hero Archdeacon Grantley. I just thought that Slope. the Bishop and Mrs Proudie were wonderful. Such fantasy! So uncomfortable!