End of the Week

Enjoy .. maybe not the word. But I did enjoy Holy Week in the parish and I sort of miss it. You would feed yourself in at Palm Sunday and emerge battered and bruised at the end. By contrast, I’ve had an extraordinary range of experiences this week – from the rededication of our beautiful church in Aberfoyle to Chrism Masses in Glasgow and Perth, Good Friday worship sitting in the centre of our Cathedral around a cross and more in Dollar – and today the blessing of Andrew and Lesley’s marriage in Auchterarder. Oh and tonight we did the Easter Eve ‘Christ is Risen’ shouting.

When I look back on that, it represents an extraordinary range of experiences. Piskie Cathedrals are in extraordinarily good shape as places of high quality liturgy and excellent music. In our churches, people have been sharing in the leading of worship with a sort of serious intent. And Chrism Masses are always intensely moving.

So …. just for the record … here are my words at the Rededication of St Mary’s, Aberfoyle, the Chrism Mass in Glasgow, Good Friday in Dollar, a Good Friday piece for the Scotsman, Thought for the Day on Thursday and Andrew and Lesley’s Marriage Blessing


  1. I find myself wondering
    Who is living Easter, those in the heart of the church or those on the outside looking in.
    Both I expect in their different ways. But the esoteric drift of the gospel Episcopal means that even if the common people heard them gladly they wouldn’t have a clue as to what they were hearing.

    1. Jimmy – perhaps you might tell me what you mean by ‘esoteric drift of the gospel Episcopal’ Easy to make these random and unsubstantiated allegations – so lets have the evidence. Plenty of my sermons on the blog if you seek source material.

      1. Hi David – I seem to have got your hackles up, it wasn’t intentional. I have had the privilege of listening to and reading your sermons on the blog which I find to have two important qualities – substance and brevity. I’ll try and emulate them here.
        so I’ll move swiftly to my last point of eight.
        8. I like Rowan Williams and I like listening to him but even Anglicans don’t know what he’s talking about most times.
        Two quotes – tv
        commentator: “No one knows what he’s saying.”
        From Episcopal blog: “I’ve given up trying to figure out what ++Rowan is saying.”
        To me he always says the same thing “Lets hold it together until my stewardship is over.”

        1. Sorry Jimmy – didn’t mean to be hackled. I have a ‘thing’ – which comes out of my past I guess about too easy blanket criticism. Would you like a list of all my hang-ups?

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