Back again

It’s good to be back – I did the traditional clergy thing of greeting the Resurrection and then taking a break.

Easter Day in St Ninians was extraordinary – flowers, colour, wonderful music, baptisms and confirmation, crowds of people. I continue to be astonished at the standard of liturgy which our Cathedrals are able to deliver. In the middle of all that, this was the sermon.

A couple of days in Donegal restored body and soul. It included – as is traditional now wherever we go – some intensive and deeply satisfying rodding of the drains. The innovation of WiFi in the Workhouse in Dunfanaghy is welcome and long overdue. Just back in time for a visit to Oban – a continuing part of my life – and a wedding in Glenalmond.

Meanwhile, spring has sprung at Blogstead. The residents are emerging blinking into the daylight after the long, dark winter. And Blogstead will be en fete for the wedding of our youngest in Pitlochry next Friday.