Westward Ho!

Obanagain today for more of the Episcopal Election. I shall miss it when it is over. Lochearnhead as beautiful as ever in the early morning – mirror smooth with the mountains and snow reflected in it. Still plenty of snow around and frozen lochs on the way to Crianlarich.

Meanwhile I’m continuing to read for the training – US recommendations are interesting just because they are a bit different. I’ve done with Spiders and Starfish and moved on to ‘Finding our Way Again’ by Brian McLaren. Seems to me to offer the best description I have read of that slippery idea that while the secular world has lost institutional religion [and could you blame it?] it is mad keen on spirituality.

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  1. Funny that. I had recourse to do the A85 again on Thursday night; reminded me of many fun commutes to/from Perth last winter, where I was impressed to find Loch Lubhair frozen solid. Last weekend I drove through the Cairngorms and around the Highlands and still there’s loads of snow everywhere – dappled mountainsides – and frozen lochs galore. Amazing.

    McLaren seems a good chap from what I’ve seen – have you encountered his _A Generous Orthodoxy_?

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