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For some time now, Poppy has been suggesting that she isn’t getting her fair share on this blog. So she has moved to her own Facebook page – if you want to go through the catflap, she’ll welcome you there at Poppy Chillingworth.

We went last night to Jane Eyre at Perth Theatre – well worth a visit. Co-incidentally, one of the stars was Beth from No 1 taking part in ‘her first professional engagement’ Strangely, her biog in the programme failed to mention how much she owes to her experience as a player in the Blogstead soap opera.

And finally … we marked this week five years since our arrival here. That’s both a short time and a long time, if you know what I mean. What seems strangest in retrospect is the fact that it never really occurred to me that it wouldn’t work out. Must be something vocational about that, I suppose.

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  1. ‘A short time and a long time’ well, it sounds familiar. In English it makes no sense at all, but to a Celt it makes a lot of sense. Also, I was interested in your statement that ‘it had not occurred to you that it would not work out.’ Born in North Country England in a Gaelic speaking home my first visit to Eire was just at the end of the War, where I felt strangely ‘at home.’ Similarly, when I came to live in Scotland many years later, I just knew it was home and, as Julian of Norwich would say, ‘All will be well.’ And it is.

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