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Tenerife was good. It’s a long way away so that means that it is warm. Unfortunately that doesn’t prevent it being wet – which it managed on a spectacular scale on four of the six days we were there.

Tenerife does have one place where there is guaranteed sunshine – up in the El Tiede National Park where one finally emerges out of the cloud at 2000m and into bright sunshine. Even more impressive was the sight of a cool – in every sense – young lady riding an Airnimal pausing only for a coffee at the same 2000m mark.

So there was great reading. We always bring far too many books – but not this time. Nice hotel but we’re not really hotel people. I began to find the buffet breakfast seriously unnerving. By the end, I could name the dishes left to right blindfold and the stiff silence was getting to me. A bit like church for some, I suspect.

Strange to return to a world which has suddenly discovered ethics and values – in football and MP’s expenses. Not so clear at the Chilcot Enquiry where Tony Blair was as fleet of foot as always – for ever in my mind in the accents of Portadown as Mr Blur.

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  1. A couple of years ago we went from the cool of December 26th in the west of Scotland to the aformentioned island….such a change of temperature is very odd…you seem to lose touch with the season. Teide stuck out of the clouds on our arrival..a wonderful view.

    Glad you liked it…you have reminded me that I should get off to the travel agent…just to see if there is anything interesting, you understand!

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