1. Reading your speech reminded me of this wee ditty –
    I believe Jesus saves
    I respect your right to disagree
    but I know of at least two men
    He has saved from me.

  2. Thanks, David. Your words mark a very much more fruitful approach to the subject than Ann Widdecombe’s sad botch on a similar subject at the Westminster Central hall where she and a Nigerian RC arcbishop managed to reduce support for the propostion that the Catholic church was a positive force in the world from 380-something to below 40!

    I’m very struck by the way in which much atheist critique of Christianity is on what one might call good Christian grounds — variants of “Protestant Atheists not Catholic atheists” jokes.

    Therefore we need to take it very seriously indeed, because it is bringing us up against our own tendency to turn faith from the root of our potential for greatness into licensed insanity.

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