Welcome to Bishop Gregor

You’ll read elsewhere about Gregor’s election as the next Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway – congratulations and blessings upon him!

Our Canon 4 process is something of a long haul. But in the end it produces something very important – a bishop with a mandate. As I discovered, you then have to set out and discover what that mandate means in the mind and heart of the diocese – but it’s a starting point and a good one.

If you want to find out what I said at the Eucharist, you can read it here.

And the extraordinary media interest – very difficult for the candidates and particularly for Alison. They dealt with it with grace and patience. Lorna, our excellent Communications Officer, put in a tough couple of days. In the end, we decided that this was an opportunity for us to talk about our church, its values and character. People in the church are sometimes ‘iffy’ about journalists and I have been less than happy about some my contacts recently. But I spoke yesterday to Sky, BBC, STV, Scotland on Sunday. In every case, I was asked sensible questions and given the chance to say what I needed to say. Thank-you.


  1. Thank you for the opportunity to read your words to those who were to vote. Words to ponder, methinks.

  2. I’m glad you had a good encounter with the media yesterday. Some of the headlines, with their references to Alison’s alleged ‘failure’, have been quite disgraceful.

    1. I always have to remind myself, Eamonn, that headlines are almost never written by the people doing the interviews – they are usually the preserve of sub-editors and can change the appearance of a piece considerably.

  3. As a member at St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow, I have followed with interest the recent election.

    As in any such event there has to be a ‘winner’ and ‘losers’. It is such a pity.

    In this case there were three candidates of exceptional talent who could each have brought something good and great to the position.

    In the event we will only have the benefit of one third of the total potential.

    Is there not a case here for some form of ‘job-sharing’, so that nothing be lost?

    Blessings be upon Duncan, and may all the others who put themselves forward go on with renewed strength in their mission.

    1. Harry – since I see that you are Irish Piskie I shall draw on my recollection of a somewhat bizarre conversation with an evangelical protestant from Norn Irn – took place on the top of Horn Head. ‘God calls each of us as an individual,’ he assured me in tones which reverberated from Rathlin to Tory. So for badness I asked him about the animals which went into the ark … were not they all called in pairs? Ah well – no doubt the three would work splendidly together but clergy do seem to have a habit of being called as individuals no matter how eloquently we talk of teamwork and collaboration. And then there would be the stipends …

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