I’ve been playing ‘catch-up’ rather ineffectively since the end of the Episcopal Election. Lots of exciting things – including an entire day with the Mission and Ministry Board.

I joined the Buckfast – or was the anti-Buckfast – bandwagon on Thought for the Day after the BBC Scotland programme on Monday. You can read it here.

The Passat passed its MOT. It seemed to need some of its lighting and suspension replaced. But the stop and go arrangements are in good heart – it should reach 200000 miles around the time of General Synod.

And I really did have a catch-up day today. I’m getting close to that point where one could invert the Inbox every day and start from the bottom. But I haven’t had the courage to do it yet.


  1. Hallo David,

    I read about you in the Death notice of Arthur Bateman. What was it that brings a man to Romanism at a time when the present pope is damning Jews to Eternal Damnation?

    1. Leonardo – I don’t really want to discuss my uncle on my blog. Save to say that the present Pope is not a member of St Laurence O’Toole Parish in Dublin .. and that the priests and people there were decent and faithful christian souls who gave him welcome, friendship and a spiritual home.

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