College for Bishops

It’s freezing cold here. But then they say that we are about 3000 feet up – wherever we are.

I’m here in North Carolina at what they call the Residency for the College of Bishops of The Episcopal Church. That means all the bishops elected during the last three years. This week is the center of the program – each of us has a ‘coaching bishop’ with whom we have a commitment to work throughout the year. In my case, that is a Skype-driven relationship with Bishop Philip Duncan of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.

So why do this? Two reasons .. the training is excellent. And it’s a chance to build relationships with bishops in The Episcopal Church at a critical and fascinating time. I’m enjoying it.


  1. Lucky fellow! I could do with a bit of something like that just now …

    Have a good time … and thanks, as ever, for the inspiration you hold out to us

  2. If the group includes +Mary Gray -Reeves of El Camino Real, please pass on my love and good wishes…and have a wonderful course.

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