More Americana

Beautiful sunshine today – seen through the windows.

Meanwhile it was a day on ‘Overcoming Organisational Defences’ and an exploration of how we deal with conflict. Tomorrow a full day of high quality media training.

And of course, the continuing need for simultaneous translation ..

Hot Button Issues – self-evident

Push Back – as in ‘I’ll give you a bit of push back on that’ – meaning ‘some space to adjust so that you feel more comfortable

Take-away – what I learned from this

I’ve always loved the American language. I used to be on the e mail network of the Bay Area Tandem Club – so that I could follow in spirit at least their expeditions to Sonoma and Sausalito. Their Sunday morning run – for which I was unavailable – was always a ‘Show and Go’

And then of course the networking .. which is unsurpassed.