Virtual Cycling

So it’s official.  Doesn’t matter what age you start exercising – just so long as you do it.  So I dutifully puffed my way round the Wolfhill circuit [about five miles from Blogstead] this afternoon.  But the cold … this is the time of year in Scotland when you begin to believe that winter will never loosen its grip.

So I find myself reading cycle routes in bed.  How about Loch Katrine?   Cycle the length of the loch on a flat, traffic-free road and take a trip back on Sir Walter Scott. Sounds perfect.


  1. Re – the road up the side of Loch Katrine – it’s anything but flat after the first half mile. That means you still have about 11.7 miles of steep ‘get aff and shoves’ combined with just as many terrifying eye-watering ‘doonhills’wi’ blind bends hiding the very occational vehicle or family group straddling the road. Enough to turn a heathen like me into a God-fearing-regular-church-attender. Or even a ‘wee-free’

  2. Ben Venue is an excellent clinb and i think its smaller than a munro. its just off lake katrine and you start at arrocher hotel

  3. It’s the rain. In our neck of the woods anyway. Spoils everything except swimming (in the pool!)

  4. Loch Katrine is a wonderful cycle trip. It’s not all flat – there are a couple of big-gish hills to negotiate(or push the bike up), but it’s a good day out. A nice lunch can be had halfway through at the Stronachlachar tea room. We are planning our first outing of the year there.

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