Small things

Just occasionally here at Blogstead Episcopi we set aside the simple living and high thinking which is the hallmark of Anglicanism … for what?

I’ve used a Palm PDA/diary thingy for about five years now.  Let go of the paper diary long ago and only occasionally turn up in the wrong place on the wrong day.  But the ‘search for the North-West passage’ among Palm users has been the question of how to get information out of the thing and into any other format.  Until now – when Companionlink has produced software which synchronises pretty well everything into everything else – it may do denominational synching for all I know.

Anyway this has become urgent for me because I need to allow my Secretary/PA to get access to my diary on Google Calendar.  But will it synch?  No of course it won’t.

Delightful people over at Companionlink in Silicon Valley, California in the USofA.  Nathaniel has been e mailing me telling me to try this and that.  But will it synch?  No of course it won’t.

Martin Luther King had a dream.  But I have a suspicion that this all goes back to the Celtic Bishops’ Conference in some hotel in Wales … and the WiFi system was German and it would contact only the German version of GMail.  Have I been captured by aliens?


  1. Of course, were you a Pentecostal and not an Anglican, each appliance would hear in its own language the wonderful works of the bishop.

  2. er… It sounds as though you have, David. But there’s a fascinating high minded ecclesiological analogy here about the need for common standards (Catholic hardware) to deliver functional personal faith (Evangelical software)!

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