Small things update

Getting better.  The answer wasn’t what I thought.  Google – answer to almost everything – said that I needed to clear my cookies and cache and then delete my Google Calendar.  And at last contact was established.  Not perfect yet – slight tendency to produce double entries and once is enough for most things.

So I’m now in that interesting and terrifying area where I haven’t quite let go of the old to take hold of the new .. and my sermon for next Sunday on things apocalyptic begins to have a sinister relevance.

Meanwhile Companionlink once started is becoming unstoppable.   Google to Palm .. it’s now moving on to synch the Mission and Ministry Board … to synch Poppy and Spice next door, etc., etc.


  1. Yes I’m pretty well there. Some duplicate entries but that will sort itself out. Haven’t climbed the mountain of the contacts list yet.

  2. Yes I have a Blackberry and that is happily syncing with the Google Calendar. The problem was all with getting from Palm to Google – the infamous ‘missing link’ I’m still fiddling around with it – haven’t got the Contacts sorted out and the Calendar is still a bit funny in some respects. But nearly there.

    Not a great fan of the Blackberry BTW. I find it a bit clunky and non-intuitive. Which is by way of saying that, after I have worked out how to do something, I have to work it out again next time as well. But what it does is magic.

  3. Do I remember reading you have a Blackberry +David?

    I use Google Sync for syncing my Blackberry Calendar and Google one. Works a charm, and it also syncs contacts too. Not sure it works for Palm though.

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