Always interested in people’s reactions to authority.  When told to evacuate New Orleans, most people comply.  But there are always some who either think they know better or who just don’t do what they are told.  Shades of the Lambeth bed controversy.  For myself, I’d be on the second bus out.  I did have a chance to talk to the Bishop of Louisiana and found, as he said on the Lambeth Video Diary, that the post-Katrina experience had opened him up to all sorts of alliances and partnerships in working together for the whole community.

But of course .. if the Tay rose 500 feet and the call came to evacuate Blogstead [shades this time of the great septic tank controversy] there would be just one significant issue.  Poppy?


  1. Yes it comes under the heading, ‘You must leave in ten minutes. What do you take?’ No contest there, of course. Just some slight dithering over which flavours of Ocean Fresh to bring for her. It’s the thought of all the pets that must just get left …

  2. The issue, presumably is ‘where is she? what shall we carry her in? quick quick grab the cat.’ I can’t imagine what else that question mark could mean.

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