I accept

It’s a great script.  Like burial of ashes at sea – which I only ever got to do once – but that’s a story for another day.  ‘I accept your nomination … ‘  And I thought of my broadcasting hero, Alistair Cooke.  He was honoured by an invitation to address the United States Congress on its 200th anniversary.  He told his audience he felt as if he was in a dream, standing naked before them and there was only one thing he could find to say.   “I gratefully accept your nomination for President of the United States!”

Meanwhile, the story of the deciphering of Charles Wesley’s diaries catches the attention.  The notion that one would write other than for publication seems extraordinary to a dedicated blogger.  Nevertheless, my literary executors will have to decide what to do with my secret diaries which are hidden behind the third shelf on the left in my study.  Just as a ‘taster’, I offer you the ‘crie de coeur’ of all parish priests: ‘Umvdjggje flbn ubiu fmpfq tuj!’

And finally, I promised our clergy that I would write some Lambeth reflections.  These are more descriptive than evaluative – I hope to do more of the latter very shortly.  They are intended to be a short piece for Magazines and the like and something longer for those who are into that sort of thing.