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I enjoyed Lambeth – but it’s great not to have it dominating the landscape as it has done for so long.  I’m ready now to try and write some reflections for our clergy to use with congregations – because there is considerable interest out there.

Meanwhile, I shared in the Dedication Festival yesterday at our congregation in Auchterarder – time to get back into the sermon-writing habit.

Meanwhile, people keep suggesting that I might be interested in the Brompton Bicycle World Championship which is happening at Blenheim Palace at the end of September.  The interesting thing is that, because of the commuting ethos of the Brompton, all racing is conducted in jacket and tie.


  1. I agreee that cope (with or without mitre) on a bicycle is just asking for trouble, but so might a cassock be.

    I think the appropriate wear for bishops in this event would be gaiters and spats. And a frock-coat, tails flapping in the breeze.

    the gaiters are just MADE for avoiding bicycle chains.

  2. Yes indeed. I’m working on the Lambeth stuff but finding that I need to get out of my ‘as it happens’ blogging mode to try and see it through a longer lens. And I’m strangely busy but don’t quite know why.

    Anyway thanks for the Brompton news. It’s about the only thing that I am likely to share with Chris Hoy. Although I did mention to Alison that the three velodromes in Britain – closest Manchester – were having ‘taster’ sessions for those who would like to try it. Maybe they’d let me try out the Brompton on the slope – cassock and pectoral, I think.

  3. Nice to see Chris Hoy on a Brommie at the olympics closing ceremony last night.


  4. Hope you’re going to pot your reflection on Lambeth on your blog site as althouh I am not in your “patch” I followed your Lambeth blogs…and would welome your reflections. Sheila

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