Mists, etc

Extraordinary how autumnal it feels already – or is it just my age? The combine harvesters are encircling Blogstead and we’re soon going to have to keep Poppy in for her own safety. We’re about to have a series of visitors and we’ll be glad to see them. People come and enter into the soap opera of our lives .. and go away pondering.

Meanwhile, I had a very interesting post-Lambeth meeting with our clergy. I used about half of the Lambeth DVD. I think that many found it both revelatory and reassuring to see bishops from all over the world talking in very measured terms about the issues which face us. Particularly impressive, I thought, was the video of Tom Shaw of Massachusetts and Philip Baji of Tanga, Tanzania. Tom was a member of my Bible Study Group. The film showed their efforts to make links of friendship and understanding across gaps of culture and theology.

Just one more from Humph – this time in Glasgow:

.. and so, as the chill wind of time blows up the kilt of destiny and the short-sighted octopus of fate tries to mount the bagpipes of eternity ..