Paradise again?

Surfers look for the perfect wave.  I’ve spent the afternoon looking for the perfect shot of Koalas in the wild.  Unfortunately they tend to be a lump of fur against a bright sky so …    And of course I can’t say where we found them or you would all want to come and look!

This is Australia.  But it is very Scottish.  Dunkeld is just up the road.  And Melbourne has an Edinburgh Gardens.  We find people saying ‘See you later’ and ‘No/Nae worries’ – so it seems very familiar.

The local Anglicans here offer Eucharist at 9.15 and ‘Contemporary Worship’ at 5 pm.  Which seems to raise all those interesting questions about what it is if it is not contemporary – eternal or timeless or anachronistic? – rather like the issues raised by having Family Worship – but I’ll not risk suggesting what the corollary might be.

Temperature yesterday 34C.  Today 18C – what a relief!


Easier in captivity, by the way


  1. Ah “Family Worship” a term which implies exclusion of single people and in the US, unchurched single people outnumber Episcopalians. How come one never hears of “Single People Worship” opportunities?

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