Continuing to ponder our various experiences .. some of which seemed to involve variations on the ‘Paradise Spoilt’ theme. 

We meet the smiling, slender and apparently contented Thai people .. and met a forthright American lady who said, in a way which brooked no contradiction, that 63% of all tourist visitors to Thailand came for prostitution.  True or not?  I have no idea but it seemed improbably high and induced a sort of ‘Lord is it I?’ feeling.  We saw no sign of the sex industry as such but noted the significant number of my-age-and-older western men with young Thai wives – and no couples the other way round.  Referred to by some as ‘walking ATM’s’, I found it a distressing sight – because of the power and wealth imbalance.  Tho’ some might say that there is a measure of exploitation on both sides?

And we sank into turquoise blue seas on pure white beaches .. but had to wear ungainly ‘stinger suits’ because of the box jellyfish and other hazards – which Bill Bryson delights in listing – which are a danger to swimmers through an increasing amount of the year.

Ah well – more about our Robinson Crusoe experiences another day.

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