So what do you do all day – No 125

I suppose it’s worth mentioning that, having moved on from the Clergy Conference, I managed a twelve hour day in the Diocesan Office.  Definitely time for the ‘get a life’ department.  If you want to know: Standing Committee followed by Management Group for the Review of Journey of the Baptised followed by a contribution to the Ministries Reflection Course.  I felt the Kingdom of God just rushing towards me all day.

Today I went to Edinburgh for a meeting – I managed some e mails and other stuff from the train on my laptop.  The Blackberry stopped receiving them for a while but I surmounted that.

Best bit today was the Institution at Forfar.  End of a long story.  There wasn’t enough money to make an appointment but the Vestry gathered round and exercised some real leadership.  The income rose by 125% and the rest is history.  Welcome to Andy McCafferty and Norma.  We hope you’ll be happy among us.


  1. It’s a waste, isn’t it. Doesn’t golf or fish or drink whiskey. There are other pleasures – like cycling through sleet

  2. Journey of the Baptized sounds like what we call Ministry of All the Baptized on this side of the pond.

    As for Dave Walker – I read his blog all the time! And as a regular reader of this here blog I know that the Bishop with Royal Saint Andrews in his backyard doesn’t golf!

  3. The question about Journey of the Baptised is not easy to answer. Journey of the Baptised is a document/paper adopted as policy by the SEC. Key to it is the belief that ministry is rooted in baptism rather than ordination. Therefore from it arises the vision and practice of working together in ministry – sometimes called Collaborative Ministry. Sometimes this is clergy and people together. Sometimes it is people working together in ministry. The policy is due to be reviewed this year and I’m part of the process by which that management is being reviewed. The motivation for this is partly the belief that this is how the church ought to be – partly because the combination of small numbers and big spaces means that the tradition pattern of clergy-led congregations is unsustainable in many places.

  4. That was meant to say

    “Review of Journey of the Baptised”

    What does that entail?

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