With the Clergy

To say that the Clergy Conference was great seems to me to qualify one instantly for the ‘get a life’ department.  But it was.  We had over 30 there at one point – which for us is a remarkable turn-out.  Tim Sledge and Rona Orme of the Diocese of Peterborough were quite remarkably ‘tuned in’ and put some flesh on the bones of the Diocesan Review for us.

We were in the luxury of the Green Hotel in Kinross.  Indeed I suspect that I had the bridal suite – four poster tho’ not, I think, mirrors in the ceiling.  Strange thing was that it didn’t seem to have lights in the ceiling either so that I was stumbling around in the romantic gloom trying to find my laptop to keep up with the E Mail.  But it makes a great difference to have space and comfort – all the relationship-building which is really the major benefit of these events has much more chance to happen.

I slipped in another Thought for the Day  for BBC Scotland on Monday morning – on presuming consent for organ donation